Wonders of the Universe

Wonders of the Universe
Author(s) Parviz Tanavoli
Dimensions 9 x 9.1 in.
Location of Publisher Keresht, Tehran
Pages 96 p.
Product Type Book
Publisher Bon-Gah Publications
Year 2012

In Wonders of the Universe, Parviz Tanavoli describes how he stumbled upon the yellowed, inky Qajar-era lithographs of scenes from Sa'di's Golestan (Rose Garden) and Ghazvini’s Ajayeb ol Makhlughat va Gharayeb ol Mowjudat (The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Existence) – which he later adorned with swathes of pastel-hued gouache – whilst foraging through a heap of odds and sods in Tehran’s weekly Friday Bazaar. Nomad, poet, Farhad of the age, preserver of tales fantastic and fabulous: these are only a few epithets that can attempt to translate the artist’s legacy into words.