You & I

Author(s) Sarah Alfarhan and Zainab Almashat
Dimensions 7.7 x 4.7 in.
Location of Publisher New York, NY
Pages 16 p.
Product Type Zine
Publisher Zainab Al-Mashat and Sarah Alfarhan
Year 2014

The pages of this zine showcase our exploration of the theme 'Arabism'. Coming from the same region of 'The Gulf', we had many similarities, but we came to see the differences too. It was first evident in our different dialects. We started with the aim of stretching our own ideas about ourselves and where we came from; with the goal of creating compositions that showcase Arabic typography. We chose typography because it is the very embodiment of a culture.

We brainstormed by listing characteristics and things that define the Arabs we came to be and what reminded us of qualities that are uniquely 'home'. In the compositions that follow, we try to display ideas that are individual to ourselves but are also Arab in their own right. Arabism can not be framed or defined in one way.