When the Library Was Stolen

Author(s) Kenan Darwich, Omar Nicolas, Sami Rustom
Dimensions 9.4 x 6.7 in.
Location of Publisher Berlin, Germany
Pages 544 p.
Product Type Book
Publisher Fehras Publishing Practices
Year 2017

When the Library Was Stolen is in three chapters. This first features selected texts addressing the library as a space, publication practices in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, and archiving publications with contributions from: Amer Bader Hassoun (Archivist, publisher and collector), Suad Kawadri (The wife of Abd Al-Rahman Munif), Hassan Yaghi (Publisher), Franck Mermier (Anthropologist), Fehras Publishing Practices & Nadia Saleh (Radio Producer).

The second chapter includes a catalogue documenting approx. 10.000 publications of the library, and the third  presents the photographs of Munif’s library. These are the key documentary materials that set the foundations for the content of the book.